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All brand names and trademarks used in this offer are the property of their rightful owners and are used for descriptive purposes only.

Brake cooling complete set suitable for BMW E30 M-Technik 1

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SKU MD-3018-60

Complete set for brake cooling for your BMW E30 M-Technik 1

Our ventilation sets are used to increase the performance of your vehicle.

A set consists of a pair of anchor plates, a pair of air inlet funnels as well as 2m of hose and fastening material such as screws and hose clamps.

Our products have been used in motorsports since 2018 and bring significant added value to the driver.

We recommend the product especially for drivers who occasionally go on tourist trips or track days.

The working principle:

The integrated air connection makes it possible to attach a hose to the anchor plate. The air reaches the brakes through the hose, which is to be mounted on the front of the vehicle so that the opening is in the wind. Since the air is fed into the brake disc pot, the disc cools significantly without becoming tense or crooked. The temperature is significantly reduced.

This not only has the advantage of improved braking performance, but also the reduction in wear is a big plus. This also minimizes the risk of fading.

You can read exactly what fading is here.

Our anchor plates were designed using CAD and manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC processing machines. The hose connections are then welded on.

When this work is done. A special varnish is applied to the metal sheets. This is not only heat-resistant, but also resistant to: Most car cleaners, brake fluid and brake cleaners.

Our air inlet funnels are drawn in-house using a CAD system and then manufactured on our state-of-the-art industrial 3D printers. We only use high-quality ABS material for the funnels, which is heat-resistant. It is also insensitive to small stone chips in traffic.

The funnels are glued to the openings from behind. This body adhesive is not part of the set!

Scope of delivery:

1x pair of anchor plates E30

1x pair of air intake funnels E30

1x 3m hose

1x hose clamps

If a desired variant is not available with us, please contact us via message.

We offer you an all-round service from development, design and production to the coated component. In recent years we have purchased several machines and also a laser scanner in order to be able to produce components with a high degree of precision.

Become a satisfied customer with us too!

If you have any questions about the product, contact us:

Email: info@mdtrackperformance

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This component is an item designed and manufactured for motorsport, therefore it is not approved for vehicles in general road traffic.
When used on a vehicle registered for road traffic, the user must independently check whether this will affect the operating license.

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Do you need a custom-made product?

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