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All brand names and trademarks used in this offer are the property of their rightful owners and are used for descriptive purposes only.

Brake cooling complete set motorsport suitable for Volkswagen Golf 5 GTI anchor plate funnel hose

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SKU MD-3065-60

Our MD TrackPerformance Brake ventilation set for your VW Golf V GTI is suitable for anyone who likes to put their brakes to the test.

We have attached hose connections to the plates. This makes it possible to cool your brakes using the wind through a hose.
This reduces fading and makes your car even safer on the race track. Because nobody wants a soft pedal.

Unfortunately, that was the case for us, which is why we developed, tested and optimized the anchor plates.

What exactly does fading mean?

Fading means the brake pedal becomes soft. This happens when the brake is overused or overheated. The high temperatures cause the brake fluid to boil and draw water. The water evaporates and air is created in the brake circuit.

Nobody wants to have this feeling, especially on a narrow track like the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Unfortunately, this fading reduces confidence in the car and you lose valuable seconds on the lap.

Of course, optimal cooling can only be guaranteed if the right funnels are used. These are already included in our set.

The funnels are glued into the opening from behind. The body adhesive is not included in the package!

This kit consists of:
- 1 pair of anchor plates for the front axle (1xL/1xR)

- 3m flexible hose (PU)

- 1 pair of air intake funnels to replace the original fog lights

The anchor plates are simply screwed to the original fastening points.

If you have any questions about the product, contact us:

Email: info@mdtrackperformance

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This component is an item designed and manufactured for motorsport, therefore it is not approved for vehicles in general road traffic.
When used on a vehicle registered for road traffic, the user must independently check whether this will affect the operating license.

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