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All brand names and trademarks used in this offer are the property of their rightful owners and are used for descriptive purposes only.

Air inlet funnel brake ventilation suitable for BMW E46 Motorsport M package 1

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The of MD TrackPerformance Air intake funnels manufactured for your BMW E46 fit into the opening next to the fog lights from the rear of the M package bumper!

The funnels are made from high-quality ABS, this plastic is often used in the automotive industry for body parts.

The MD-TrackPerformance funnels therefore stand out from many competitors who work with inferior material. Many non-commercial people use the material PLA, which becomes soft at 55°C and can lead to serious accidents!
We have continually developed the funnels to ensure the best possible flow behavior.

Why do you need the funnels from MD-TrackPerformance?
Our funnels can be found primarily on sporty vehicles. This is because the funnels are often used for brake cooling, for example. The freely selectable hose connection makes it possible to direct the air precisely to the brake. There the hose can be attached to a special anchor plate that also has a hose connection. (These sheets are also available from us)

Good brake ventilation protects the brake components. This means that the service life of the brake is significantly longer. Another important point, especially in motorsport, is that so-called fading can be prevented. Fading is easily explained, a softening of the brake pedal that occurs when the brake is pushed over.

All advantages at a glance:

- Easy assembly approx. 15 minutes.

- High-quality material from well-known manufacturers

- Very good fit

- Tested in motorsports

- Sporty look

- Perfect for your brake cooling

- No drilling necessary

Scope of delivery:

2x brake ventilation funnels

If you have any questions about the product, contact us:

Email: info@mdtrackperformance

Motorsport articles

This component is an item designed and manufactured for motorsport, therefore it is not approved for vehicles in general road traffic.
When used on a vehicle registered for road traffic, the user must independently check whether this will affect the operating license.

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