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All brand names and trademarks used in this offer are the property of their rightful owners and are used for descriptive purposes only.

Pedal bushings to prevent wobbling pedals suitable for BMW & Mini

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SKU MD-3002

Pedal bushings for the brake and clutch pedals of your BMW made of maintenance-free and low-wear sintered bronze are the ideal solution for wobbling pedals. Unfortunately, this is often the problem with older vehicles because the original plastic bearings unfortunately have a lot of play as they get older. We have therefore developed the pedal bushings as an option to store your pedals without play again. Especially in motorsports or drifting, good foot feeling is more important than ever, where wobbly pedals can be perceived as a disruptive factor.

Our bearings can be installed quickly and without any special tools.

You have to carry out the installation in exactly the reverse order of removal.

We include a small piece of sandpaper in the package, because the old bushings can still have abrasion in the fit of the pedals that needs to be sanded out to prevent the new bushings from warping.

The new bronze bearings should be able to be pressed into the bore by hand.

We recommend this conversion if you want to feel like a new car in the pedals. Even in normal traffic, we find the conversion highly recommended considering the costs and work involved!

If you have any further questions about this product, please feel free to send us a message.

The advantages at a glance:

- No more wobbly, spongy pedals

- Maintenance-free and durable material for maximum driving pleasure

- Easy installation without special tools

- Precise and play-free pedals like in a new car

- Motorsport proven

Scope of delivery:

4x bearing bushing sintered bronze

1x piece of sandpaper

* The pedal bushings were installed in almost every BMW with brake and clutch pedals. The comparison number is: 35211158290

If you have any questions about the product, contact us:

Email: info@mdtrackperformance

Motorsport articles

This component is an item designed and manufactured for motorsport, therefore it is not approved for vehicles in general road traffic.
When used on a vehicle registered for road traffic, the user must independently check whether this will affect the operating license.

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